media regulation

Vera Jourova, az Európai Bizottság alelnöke.

Věra Jourová: “We see a wide range of issues in Hungary” (Interview)

The European Commission (EC) proposed the European Media Freedom Act in September 2022, under the responsibility of Věra Jourová, EC’s Vice-President for Values and Transparency. Jourová (who is a politician in the party of Andrej Babiš, allied with Viktor Orbán) told Media1 exactly what problems she saw in the media in Hungary. Jourová (who was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine in 2019) said the new draft EU regulation could also address the issue of state-run media in Hungary. She also revealed that only a few countries, including Hungary, voiced concerns at the first meeting with ministers on the issue. During Media1’s interview with her the issue of some media in Hungary not being allowed into government briefings was also raised.

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